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William Shakespeare

(April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616)

"…the nearest thing in incarnation to the eye of god." —Sir Laurence Olivier

"There are only a few artists in all the arts who can be called the best without argument. I can only think of two—Mozart and Shakespeare." —Orson Welles

On this date 450 years ago, a man was born into obscurity. That man would change the world with his writing, leave us the greatest treasure trove of stories and characters in the English language, and ultimately receive the most screen credits for a single person in film history.

So, here’s to Shakespeare and to his legacy in the cinema—an art form that wouldn’t be invented until centuries after his death.

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I was just with him at the Minetta Tavern, having a martini and a burger,” she says. “We always do that at the end of the season. Julianna and her husband and Josh and I, we just have a well-deserved, big, fat, old meal and a few drinks.

Christine Baranski on her annual ritual of toasting the end of The Good Wife season at a West Village burger joint. (via thegoodwifechristinebaranski)

can i marry already married people without their consent? There has to be some state where that’s legal right?

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