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Mainly The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, AHS, middle aged actresses, and photography. It really just depends on the week and what I feel like blogging. I also have some original gifs back when I wasn't so lazy.
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Fanfic - No Easy Answers by Happy_Veggie_Farmer


Author’s Note: Liz realizes that her life has separated into two mutually incompatible worlds; her professional success and friendships at the Post Office versus her developing emotional bond with their criminal informant. Now she has to decide which part she will choose as they must work together to stop a terrorist threat in Boston.


First time author - please leave words of encouragement.

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                                        saving mr.banks

                                        saving mr.banks

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Last Episode Standing - Round 7

that was one hell of a race folks!!!

now out of the pool are…

  • Round 6 ~ 1.06 - Gina Zanetakos
  • Round 5 ~ 1.19 - The Pavlovich Brothers
  • Round 4 ~ 1.13 - The Cyprus Agency
  • Round 3 ~ 1.12 - The Alchemist
  • Round 2 ~ 1.16 - Mako Tanida
  • Round 1 ~ 1.15 - The Judge

Please vote off your next episode NOW!


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Mondays are hard. Here is some Diane Lockhart hair porn. 

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Anonymous asked:
Are stores allowed to make tshirts with your quotes on it? I was on trendyco and they had a shirt with the constellation quote and I don't want to buy it if it's not allowed!


TFIOSmerch.com is the only place to get shirts (or other merch) that I have approved and where the artists who created the designs get royalties.

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S2E3 spoilers.


S2E3 spoilers.

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"Is this the strangest thing that’s ever happened in your O.R.?"
"I’d have to say that it is."
"Good, ‘cause I’m very competitive."
"All the best surgeons are."
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2)

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Burbank Airport 7.8.2014.


Burbank Airport 7.8.2014.

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